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What We Do

In my years of training, I have run across numerous types of behavior issues that dog owners have asked me to assist them with. Most of these issues are a dog just being a dog in such a way that it is at odds with living in a human world.

Boundary Training Without Electronics

There are many ways to contain or control a dog including fences (visible or electronic), chains or tie-outs, pens, leashes, gates, etc. However, none are fool-proof and none truly provide your dog with freedom and a happy life, nor do they teach them anything, only contain them. We teach a dog that his choice of staying in the yard, behind the boundary we designate is the best choice he could make. That the best things in life are in his yard with his humans. There is no need to roam when everything is provided to the dog and the dog understands this.

Snake Avoidance Without Shock

There is another method of prevention that does not involved costly vaccinations, anti-venom or unproven painful methods which use shock collars. It's very similar to the methods use to teach your dog to come back to you even if chasing a squirrel or rabbit. Self control, distraction training, scent training and actually consulting your dogs understaning of what to do when seeing, hearing or smelling a snake. Shock aversion training assumes your dog will run away because of the association with pain - but that doesn't always happen. What we teach the dog is to move away from snakes, to be aware of the environment, and often this training will teach a dog to ask permission first before heading off after lizards, squirrels, cats or rabbits.

Manage Prey Drive

Learning to manage your dog's prey drive is necessary, not only to prevent undesirable scenarios, but also because a dog whose prey drive is engaged and channeled in an acceptable way will have a much easier time getting along with humans and other dogs.

This program has three goals. First, we will find out which parts of the prey sequence your dog loves and work to rechannel that love to activities we can live with. Second, we will work to create a strong recall that will allow you to interrupt your dog in the middle of a predatory-type chase. This will create a dog who will think first, ask questions second, and only move when cued. And third, you and your dog will learn how to communicate, ask questions of each other, ask for permission and when to give it and when not. Your dog will be a willing companion and look to you for what to do when confronted with prey.

Handling the Distractions of Life

This class will teach your dog and YOU how to stay relatively stress free no matter what life throws at you; how to see similarities and differences in a new environment versus environments you already know and understand; how to investigate a new object and decide that it’s not dangerous and might be fun; and most importantly, how to play no matter where you and your dog are so that learning is enhanced and stress minimized.