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We at Seize The Leash are dedicated to helping dog owners with problem dogs. Dogs that are anxious, fearful, aggressive, dominant, or simply undisciplined are those that we can help. Our training progams encompass Puppy Socialization, Obedience Training, and Personalized One-to-one Counseling. We seek to achieve a balanced state of mind and a healthy relationship between the dog and its owners. It is important for us to help dog owners understand their dogs needs. By providing the proper information and training, the relationship between dog and owner will be a happy, joyful and balanced one.












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Jamie has been phenomenal! I contacted her because my chihuahua was a shy dog who was afraid of people and large dogs. After working with Jamie for less than a month, his fear of people and large dogs has subsided. We're going to continue working with Jamie until he no longer fears anyone or anything. Our chihuahua has been progressing very well ever since we enrolled in Seize the Lease classes.  


An amazing thing happened in November 2012. I was at a local vet’s office, not one that I usually go to but that is close to the UPS store where I go and I just happen to stop in. I wanted to talk to the receptionist to see if she knew anyone who is a trainer for Service Dogs and if she knew of any dogs that were available that might be usable as a Service Dog. This lady, who just happened to be there with her dog, but very excited and started telling me about Jamie Robinson and her training facility: Seize the Leash. She even had her phone number. She spent about 20 minutes telling me how wonderful Jamie was in all the terrific things that she could do in training and that she was very likely to be able to find me a dog as well. After exchanging phone numbers I went home and looked at the website for Seize the Leash and was very impressed by the site.

After thinking about it for a while, I called Jamie and spoke to her for quite a time about finding a dog, what my needs were, what are facilities were like what she could offer to me. I arranged to go out to her place the next day. It was wonderful! The facility was terrific, very large and it had everything you could possibly need in a training facility. There was a full agility set up, obstacle course, a hay bale course, and a large arena for groundwork with a big tree to provide shade. There was also another area off to the side that would later be a small and close training area (more about that later). It also had Jamie’s home in a fenced in area in the back of the home that was shaded on all sides for dogs that were being worked at that time.

I met all of Jamie’s dogs and immediately homed in on Stormy. She seemed perfect to be my service dog. I needed a mobility dog because I have MS, Parkinson’s disorder, rheumatoid arthritis, bilateral replaced knees and I’ve broken my back and pelvis twice. Stable is not my middle name :-). Stormy and I seem to get along well and Jamie thought the match would work out. I told her I wanted to think about it for a day or two, but I also wanted to take Storm to the vet (I always take my animals to the vet before I get them) mainly because I thought I noticed something off on her left hind. Jamie called me a couple of days later to give me the bad news: Stormy had a torn ACL. Major disappointment! But, she did tell me that she had talked to several rescue groups for me and asked them to look for dog for me.

A few days later she gave me a call and told me one group and found several dogs that might be workable. They were all young, but that would be great because then we could grow up together, training wise. I ended up talking to Jennifer for the rescue group and we decided to meet at PETSMART the next Saturday. They had six dogs they wanted me to look at, I thought that would be great, a wide selection to choose from. Jamie told me not to rush into it, I didn’t find what I was looking for, there would be more available soon. But when I got there and looked at the puppies (they were all between three and five months old) I knew Brittany was the one for me. She was a beautiful brown and white with some black brindle. Half of her face was brown and have her face was white, she was gorgeous! She was three months old and just perfect. Unlike the rest of the dogs that were awaiting adoption, she was perfectly calm. She was just resting in her pen and occasionally sleeping. After walking around with her for a while and carrying her for a while I decided that she was the one for me.

That night I called Jamie and told her what happened and who I had decided on. Jamie said that if I had not gotten Brittany she would have. I took her out to Seize the Leash a few days later and started her training. She was amazing and so was Jamie. I was very impressed. I’ve trained horses for about 25 years professionally and done some dog training years ago to work with cattle. So I’m no stranger to training techniques and Jamie’s training techniques were very similar to how we train dressage horses, which is what I was used to. There was no coercive training involved, it was simply play training, letting the dog choose what she wanted to do after making the situation comfortable for it to make the right choice. I thought this was terrific. I’ve seen too many other trainers use choke collars, prong collars or electric shock, and that’s just not something that I can do or would put up with. It took me a couple of weeks to get used to the system, but Brittany learned faster than I did so she did wonderfully. As she grew she got used to the different apprentice trainers, Beth, Tammy, Lizzie and April. I had several really great pictures of Beth picking up Brittany from the time she was very small until she was 75 pounds; it’s a great series of photos.

The last few months Lizzie has been doing most of the assisting training with Brittany and myself, for which I’m very thankful. The first week of June 2013 I took a bad fall when going into the main arena. I just tripped on some steppingstones and did a face first dive into the gravel. Not a good thing! I broke a rib right at the spine and wrenched my neck, so for the next several weeks Lizzie had to do most of the handling Brittany. Fortunately, the week before that happened Brittany passed her Bachelors with Honors. By the end of June, I was able to start working Brittany myself again and she was ready for her Master’s test, on 30 June 2013, Britney passed her Master’s test with Honors. Jamie is wonderful, not only can she train dogs in a very safe and fun manner that they enjoy and that the owners feel comfortable in dealing with, but she also can train her apprentices to continue on in her absence. I felt fully confident in working with Lizzie when Jamie is busy and I know that Beth is running her own training facility at this time. This wouldn’t be true without Jamie’s excellent teaching methods. Brittany is getting ready to go for her PhD test next Monday, 15 July 2013, only seven months after we started training. I think that’s just amazing and is a wonderful credit to Jamie’s teaching ability and dedication.



The one foster dog out of about 20 that has come into my home in the last year and a half, the one that made me want to quit! There were many days I hated him. He knocked me down, went after my cats, acted like an overly aggressive bully at the dog park, beat up and drew blood from my precious Shadow! I cursed the day I brought this no good SOB home from the pound. He was an escape artist, had no manners, was aggressive. The list goes on...

This dog needs training! Every since I was a young child I have been fascinated with well trained dogs. Guide dogs, service dogs, police dogs etc, but the choke chains, shock collars, even the pushing and tugging into position has never seemed "right" to me.
 Luckily the rescue I foster for believes in training, but one trainer only uses games. Games! Seriously? Fresno is an out of control jerk, there is NO way he is going to respond with just games and making choices! What have I got to lose? My life sucks with him in my house. He only gets along with one other dog. He has to be separated from everything else. He must be tethered to me to be out of his crate if he is in the house! Ugh!

Canine Behavior Training here we come! Focus work, pattern games, recalls, body awareness ( this isn't going to work). It took me 45 minutes to get him to sit. Seriously! Can't I just force his butt to the ground!?! Other dogs may take 45 SECONDS NOT 45 MINUTES!

Armed with a treat bag and games I start to periodically work\play with Fresno (aka no good sob stupid .... Dog). He starting sitting automatically, then he learned down, wait, stay... Hey this is fun, he isn't so bad after all!
 Soon life was fun with Fresno and he wasn't escaping, knocking me down or acting like a jerk, but I just know he isn't going to be able to be in the same room as my foster Jack, thats okay, some dogs just don't get along. Since Fresno actually busted through his wire crate to go after Jack why force it?

I keep the games/training going and by accident one day Jack and Fresno are in the same yard together-omg! Someone is going to get killed, I just know it! "Fresno come!" He did and sat down in front of me!!! No way! A month ago he would have ripped Jack to shreds! Obviously this was a fluke, so I bought more fencing and took more precautions to make sure these two don't come in contact, ever! Wouldn't you know time passed and working with both dogs they accidentally end up in the same yard again. This time I just watch, uneasy, but hopeful. They sniffed each other, its a little tense, but they didn't go after each other  Enough of that for me, this game training is great, but this still must be a fluke or a full moon or something, after all a couple months ago these guys would have killed each other. The only difference is is that I've played a few games with Fresno and used some touch therapy with Jack. Now I&m feeling brave (or stupid) and I purposely put the boys in the same yard. One of the most beautiful sights I have seen since my daughters were born... Doggie play bows between two formerly nasty enemies! They are actually playing together!!!

Thank you Jamie Robinson for showing me how to help these dogs! FRESNO HAS FINALLY BEEN OFFICIALLY ADOPTED!!! The family says he is great in the house, wonderful with their other dog and is even respecting their birds space! Wow!

Jack the Jack Russel

I took Jack to the vet this morning and asked the front desk for a muzzle. The lady at the desk said they would muzzle him when they got in the room. Prior experience with Jack at the vets tells me that it may not be wise to wait, but I did. Previous visits Jack would pace, yawn, cower, look quickly side to side, pant, dilated eyes, and stand stiff legged etc etc. Today, however he sat in my lap, watchful of his surroundings and a slightly elevated heartbeat. I started doing TTouches and felt his heartbeat slow down and then his body softened little by little until he almost fell over relaxing in my arms!

When we entered the room I informed the tech that we should probably muzzle him. I was able to put it on him without any trouble and started with the TTouches again. She was actually able to assess Jack with him only giving a slight "whale eye"! Unbelievable!! Just a few months ago at this point they had 4 people, a cone and a muzzle!

Next the doc comes in and Jack didn't like her very much and started with one of his fits. She went to get help to hold Jack and I asked her to bring a warm towel too. That was it, a warm towel, TTouches and she was able to examine Jack without any more fits or 10 day bite quarantines! His progress has been amazing

Jamie, again I thank you for showing me how to work with dogs!

Seize The Leash

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Classes starting within the next two months

Play Therapy for Reactive, Aggressive or Shy dogs
Puppy Learning Games
Snake Avoidance
Get Focused
Play Your Way To An Obedient Dog Life Without A Leash
Snake Avoidance
Household Manners
Walking Clinic
Urban Agility
Service Dogs
Tiny Tyrants
Creative Exercise
Fitness Fundamentals

We also offer private lessons with a substantial discount if you do your lessons at our facility. An average of eight sessons will be $1200. Included in this package is group class for the life of that dog. This package covers basic obedience and all the problem solving for your particular issues.

Boarding and Board & Train Services

Rate is $35 per night for just boarding and $65 per night for Board and Train (two week minimum).

As before, when we were still in the forest, all boarded dogs are integrated into our pack. Board and train dogs will be housed away from the pack if they are aggressive or reactive, otherwise they will be with the pack; but they are still inside the house.

We do not believe that day care or boarding should be done in a crate or kennel unless it's for the safety of your dog or other dogs. In this instance we minimize the need for a kennel as fast as possible with safe, humane, effective behavior change.

Training Methods

We are actual force free trainers and do not use electronics, pain, fear or intimidation in our training and behavior work. 

I, and all here at Seize the Leash, wish you and your dog all the best and may s/he never be the same again.

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